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Update - 8/8 @ 3pm

The lucky winners for the tenth and FINAL Weekly Winter Giveaway have been listed below. Don’t forget - if you entered the competition this week, you also received one entry in the the Major Prize draw.

Week 10 Prizes - Final Week!

The Weekly Winter Giveaway is an exciting competition which is being run exclusively for the Winter Encore of Tackling the Territory. Thousands of dollars in prizes are available to win throughout the course of the series.

In order to enter simply watch the Winter Encore to find the weekly keyword which is placed in each show, then visit the All 4 Adventure competition website to register and enter the keyword for your chance to win!


Clearview Towing Mirrors

Clearview Towing Mirrors are a full replacement towing mirror. This means they are mounted as a direct replacement for your standard side mirrors.

A clever design incorporates two different surfaces that provide different but important visuals.

They are much larger than the standard mirror. In standard driving position our mirrors have a wider outwards reach of approximately 100mm and a total surface area much bigger than the standard models. When you are ready to tow, the mirror head can slide out a further 100mm! This additional extension allows for approximately a total of 200mm of extension over your standard side mirrors.

The mirrors are also designed to manually fold inwards or outwards towards the car in case someone brushes past you in a car park.

Winner: Jennifer S, WA Learn more about the ClearView range

Dometic Cool Ice CI 42

The Dometic Cool Ice CI 42, valued at $239 RRP, is perfect for any occasion where there is no power readily available. They will keep your ice frozen for days – up to ten days, depending on model usage and conditions. These robust iceboxes are ideal for continuous exposure to weather, especially on boats.

The thick, refrigeration grade foam insulation and 'Labyrinth Seal Design' feature contribute to longer lasting ice. Its rotomoulded design means there's no seams where heat can get in or cold can escape! Cool Ice iceboxes are also extremely strong, durable and easy to clean. The CI 42 icebox comes with strong ergonomic polyethylene handles that double as useful tie down points to secure the icebox.

Winner: Craig B, SA Learn More

XTM Deluxe Tyre Repair Kit

The XTM Deluxe Repair Kit has everything you need to repair your puncture and get you back on the road. The kit contains a steel insertion needle and replacement needle, steel reamer tool, Allen key, long-nose pliers, knife, tyre gauge, plug lubricant, valve replacement cores, valve replacement tool and repair plugs.

Unfortunately punctures are a part of life when driving in rough terrain, and if you are off the beaten track you are more likely than not going to have to do the repairs yourself. That’s why you need the XTM Deluxe Repair Kit.

Storing this repair kit in your vehicle will give you peace of mind knowing that you can conduct almost any tyre-related repairs roadside. Presented in an easy-carry briefcase, this kit is easy to store and won’t occupy too much of your precious space.

This kit will give you the confidence to drive through tough terrain, knowing that the Deluxe Tyre Repair Kit will get you driving again in no time if your tyres become damaged.


  • Kit Contains:
  • 1 x steel insertion needle & replacement needle
  • 1 x steel reamer tool
  • Value Stem Tool
  • Long nose pliers
  • Knife
  • Tyre gauge
  • Plug lubricant
  • Valve replacement cores & valve repair tool
  • Repair plugs
Winner: Hugh D, Vic Learn More